Character Development


This class is designed for the serious artist who aspires to a long-term acting career. It is if for intermediate to advanced level actors who have some training, technique, and basic understanding of their craft.

This class is an opportunity for an actor to work and improve their skills in a safe classroom environment so that they understand how to develop a character. You will learn to understand the character’s emotional life, their physical life, and their intellectual life.

Class Structure:

You and a partner of his choosing will work on a full one-act play. Once you have learned what you need and have fully explored this life, you and your partner will put that play up for a one-time performance.

At the beginning of the class there will be a discussion of industry successes and questions among the class.

The class will also have the occasional industry guest speaker to bring inside knowledge and answer questions to help bring a better understanding of the industry.

Class Requirements:

  • This is an interview or referral-only class.
  • If you meet the requirements, you will be assigned a monologue for
    the first month.
  • This is a three- month commitment as you have a responsibility to
    your class partner. (Payable monthly)
  • Payment is due at the beginning of the month.

The class has a limited enrollment.
If you are interested in this class, contact us here.