Scene Study

Tuesday 7:30pm


About the Class:

This Scene Study class is for beginning to intermediate level actors. Maybe you’re just starting out, or perhaps coming back to acting after taking a break. No matter where you are in your career, this class will take you back to basics and help you build a foundation.
This class will teach you about all the tools available to an actor, and when and how to use them. It will also provide you a structure on how to create and explore the life of the character.

Class Structure:

No matter where you are in your acting journey, you will start the class with a monologue provided by Steve. He will assess where you are in your training to determine what areas he needs to focus on.

You will then be assigned a scene and a partner of his choosing that he feels will help expand your range as an actor.

Knowledge about the business side of acting is crucial to moving forward.
He begins the class with a question and answer period that is designed to help you understand the business in order to navigate your career.

Requirements for the class:

  • In-person interview.
  • Three-month initial commitment. (Payable monthly)
  • Payment is due monthly.
  • Coming late will not be allowed.
  • This class is available for audit.

If you are looking for focus, discipline, and accountability, this is the class for you.
If you’re interested in this class, contact us here.