Student Testimonials


Steven Helgoth has been shaping the talent of actors for years. His students have gone on to be Emmy-winning leads in soap operas, guest stars on tv shows, and leads in movies. His students attribute much of their success to his teachings and the class environment… but don’t take his word for it! See the testimonials for yourself!

“Steven has helped me discover the tools and techniques to create and live the life of a character. He has taught me to see the possibilities beyond the words on the page to give a character depth and texture. Thanks to his guidance I have seen my craft grow, and it has given my auditions that extra spark that has helped me book some really fun roles.”  -Nancy (Student for 2 years)

“Steven Helgoth’s character study class is the class I wish I had when I was in college. It’s an intensive, focused experience that teaches you how to discover and develop a character from the inside out.” -Carey (Student for 10 years) (Silicon Valley, HBO)

“…and Steve Helgoth, the most amazing coach and mentor that a girl could ever have.” -Natalta Livingston

“He is not a great acting coach because he teaches you to act. It is because he shows you the tools you need to embody the life of the character.” -Alex (Student for 3 years) (Tales, BET)

“Steven and his class give me a reason to get up in the morning. I appreciate the motivation I receive from having someone hold me accountable for my goals. This class has also provided me with an amazing support system of my fellow actors. We have developed a little acting family and are always there for each other. This is such a rare find in Los Angeles!” -Cassie (Student for 6 years)

“If I were to describe this class in one word it would be essential. Steve’s visceral approach to teaching has taught me discipline, and the tools needed to feel confident in any audition.”  -Victoria (Student for 5 years) (Betrayed, Investigation Discovery)

“I’ve been in Steve’s class for seven years. In that time Steven has taught me what it means to be a true artist through the craft of acting. His lessons are invaluable.” -Michael (Student for 7 years) (The Boys)

Steven’s student Natalia Livingston won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her work on General Hospital. In her acceptance speech she gives accolades to Steve and his teaching. She says: